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Modern Postnatal Assessment & Exercise Prescription Course workshop

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Modern Postnatal Assessment & Exercise Prescription Course
What is Modern Postnatal Assessment & Exercise Prescription Course?
Pregnancy is a wonderful part of life because mothers, you're literally giving birth to LIFE! How awesome is that? However, as wonderful as it is, the reality is that pregnancy is extremely taxing to the human body and as such, it comes with its set of side effects.

However, most trainers are fearful of handling postnatal clients mainly because they lack the confidence in dealing with it. Fear no more. We at PFC Studio along with Burrell Education are offering the Modern Postnatal Assessment & Exercise certification to ensure you are equipped and ready to handle postnatal clients!
What you will learn
Understand the theoretical knowledge of birthing and their impact on the well-being of postnatal clients
Learn to complete a thorough pre-screen, initial consultation, and assessment of the Core Function of a postnatal client with a view to providing suitable movement prescription to meet client goals and expectations
Learn to recognise the possible effects of postural and biomechanical changes associated with the pregnancy and postnatal periods and how to provide suitable flexibility and strengthening strategies to improve both.
Understand the concepts of FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE in relation to the needs of a postnatal client and how to plan, carry out, and progress a suitable exercise programme
Understand the concepts of INTEGRATED FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE in relation to the needs of a postnatal client and how to plan, carry out, and progress a suitable exercise programme
Learn theory and practical skills to plan and execute a CORE RESTORATION programme
Learn components of creating a FAT LOSS programme with reference to the specific needs/issues of the postnatal client
Learn the importance of rest and restorative practices in the postnatal period and teach the candidate simple strategies that aid relaxation for the postnatal client

Common Ailments of Post Natal & Pregnancy #1 - Urine Leak
Common Ailments of Post Natal & Pregnancy #2 - Knee Pain

Workshop Coach
Jeremy Ng
Burrell Education Master Trainer
Director|Educator|Personal Trainer
Founder of PFC Studio, Jeremy has been heavily involved in Malaysia's fitness scene for over a decade. Driven by an insatiable desire to cultivate educated fitness, Jeremy genuinely seeks to help trainers keep up with the latest scientifically backed training methods and principles.

Workshop Fees
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Modern Postnatal Assessment & Exercise
RM 1,100

Workshop Frequently Asked Questions
How is this Modern Postnatal Assessment & Exercise Prescription course different from other similar courses?
This course is created by Jenny Burrell, the head of Burrell Education, one of the uk's leading-edge educators in the field of modern pregnancy, post baby, 3rd age (peri-to post-menopause) and female fitness, wellness, massage + bodywork therapies.

Burrell education, the uk's only endorsed, accredited and licensed education provider solely dedicated to education for these very special populations. She is also the creator of the ground-breaking licensed women's core health wellness system, holistic core restore® with over 50 licensees in the UK.
What will I learn during the Modern Postnatal Assessment & Exercise Prescription live course?
Essentially, HOW TO WORK SUCCESSFULLY WITH CLIENTS and get them the results they asked for. The live course outline:

  • Malaysian national post natal exercise guidelines + birthing stats
  • special considerations when working with the post natal client

  • practical – assessing alignment changes during the postnatal period

  • dynamic integrated mobilizations (dims) for the post natal client – 'mobility and stretching' revolutionized!

  • the myofascial system and the deep core

  • teaching kegels and progressing to integrated core and pelvic floor exercise using conscious + unconscious movement & imagery

  • integrated functional exercise for the post natal client – motherhood movement patterns®

  • the key elements of optimal nutrition for postnatal recovery – case study practical

  • practical – assessing and 'grading' the post natal core – testing for diastasis recti + assessing and coaching intrinsic core synergy®

  • communicating with another health care provider or referring your client

  • practicals – 'putting it all together' – creating appropriate bespoke programming for an early through till late/restored post natal client

  • practicals – mindfulness, meditation and restorative practices for the post natal client

  • practical – myofascial foam rolling for the post natal client
What does Modern Postnatal Assessment & Exercise Prescription fee include?
Pre-learning materials

1-day live workshop

Post reading materials
What is the process of enrolling for Modern Postnatal Assessment & Exercise Prescription?
When candidates have enrolled and paid for their place on the course, they will be directed to the Burrell Education Customerhub Membership Site where they will access all pre-reading/pre-viewing and once this viewing is complete, take a short on-line test to confirm their viewing so please allow at least a week between booking and the course date in order to complete this work
What are the requirements for passing Modern Postnatal Assessment & Exercise Prescription? Will I get a certificate?
Pre- Reading Multiple Choice Exam (20 questions – 75% pass rate).

  • Practical Skills - Assessing for Diastasis Recti - Assessing for Intrinsic Core Synergy® - Performing a Visual Alignment Assessment -Review and recommendations of a client food diary.

  • Candidates need to be proficient in ALL activities to achieve a pass mark. There will be a practical assessment demonstration by the tutor of the standard required, then an opportunity for candidates to practise before assessment is carried out in the latter half of the live day.

  • Practical Skills – Exercise Prescription – candidates will be asked to take part in practical elements of creating a small-group and 1-1 programme for the Post Natal client at 3 levels of recovery.

A certificate will be awarded to participants who successfully complete the course.
Participant's Testimonial
Attended a useful and informative course. It showed me that I can conduct my training in a better way with those post-natal clients.
Not only learn in theory, the practical is important too. Some cueing skills & techniques can be learnt during course.
The contents of the postnatal workshop is very comprehensive and excellent. Now I have a clearer picture on how to handle a postnatal client and help them to recover better and improve their fitness level.
The learning process was fun and inspiring. Definitely a course u can't miss out.


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