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Certified Power Plate Trainer (CPPT) workshop

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Certified Power Plate Trainer (CPPT)
What is Power Plate Training?
The Power Plate uses a combination of multidirectional and harmonic vibration to create a dynamic environment to cultivate the body's reflexive stabilisation (proprioceptors).
Learn the most up to do information regarding whole body vibration training .
Empower and equip trainers with the skills and knowledge to incorporate Power Plate into your client training sessions
Hands-on session on how to use whole body vibration training to enhance your client training sessions
Power Plate, a revolutionary machine that stimulates muscles to contract and relax through high speed vibrations.
Workshop Coach
Jeremy Ng
Certified Power Plate Master Trainer
Director|Educator|Personal Trainer
Founder of PFC Studio, Jeremy has been heavily involved in Malaysia's fitness scene for over a decade. Driven by an insatiable desire to cultivate educated fitness, Jeremy genuinely seeks to help trainers keep up with the latest scientifically backed training methods and principles.
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RM 990
Certified Power Plate Trainer (CPPT) Certification
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Workshop Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I attend the Certified Power Plate Instructor course?
Whole body vibration was first used by the cosmonauts to combat muscle and bone loss caused by extended stays in zero gravity. Today, Power Plate has continued developing the technology to create products and training programs that deliver legendary performance for professional sports teams, medical facilities, health clubs, studios and individuals around the globe.

As the world's leader in whole body vibration technology, people of all ages and physical abilities trust Power Plate to bring their bodies into harmony—the place where optimal physical performance, health and wellness are all in balance and working together. In fact, Power Plate has been linked to a wide range of health and wellness benefits, from strength, balance, flexibility and weight loss to improved circulation, pain reduction, detoxification, stress alleviation, and even reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

During the Certified Power Plate Trainer Certification, you will gain practical skills and knowledge to successfully integrate Power Plate technology within your business, facility or clinical and rehabilitation setting.

What will I learn during the Certified Power Plate Instructor course?
  • History of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Training & Therapy
  • Introduction to Power Plate technology
  • Introducing a client to Power Plate and working with success.
  • Reflexive Stabilization and Rapid Reflex Response (R3) – the mechanism by which WBV enhances the neuromusculoskeletal system.
  • Gray Institute: AFS: Foundations of Function and movement.
  • Practical, 3D exploration of movement strategies within Power Plate's 5 Elements, powered by Gray Institute:
    • Stretch: Movement Preparation
    • Balance
    • Core
    • Strength: Neuromuscular Activation
    • Massage: Recovery & Regeneration
  • Functional Integration & Programming for all clients
What's the duration of the workshop? Does it come with CEU/CEC points?
9am - 5pm.

This 8-hour live workshop comes with 0.7 (NASM); 0.6 (ACE) CEU/CEC points.
Will attending the course give me immediate skills to apply to my business or work?
The live workshop is practical-based. This means you will learn how to design an exercise programme for your clients using the Power Plate. So yes, you will be able to immediately apply the knowledge to your business but it is vital to practice and fine-tune your cueing and application before applying it on your clients.
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